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Go behind the scenes to see the practices of one of the best youth development programs in Europe: College Basket in Italy. Experience the European development model first-hand by watching five All-Access Practices with the College Basket U12 and U14 teams.
Watch samples from the FIVE all access College practices.
Amazing praise from coaches all over the world...
“All Access College Basket is a must watch for a behind the scenes look at a top European youth program. College Basket adopt games-based learning principles throughout the entire club, with the U13 and U14 being the most important age groups for laying the foundation for future success.”
Alex Sarama 
"College Basket have build an incredibly successful youth program based off creating the strongest foundations at the youngest ages of the club. For coaches who are looking for new ideas and modern coaching methods, this is the best resource out there to get instant practice ideas to help improve your players." 
Alessandro Nocera

Exclusive access to one of the best youth development programs in Europe. Learn the methods which develop skilled players in an enjoyable learning environment. Open the doors and get full access to five practices to see how College Basket and Coaches Francesco Rossi & Matteo Villa run their practices.

Features and Benefits
SSG's for Youth
Gain access to an endless amount of creative small-sided games. See some of Francesco Rossi's unique inventions including the likes of "basketball handball", "the cambio game", "fencing" and more!
Develop a Culture
See how Coach Rossi and Coach Villa create an enjoyable learning environment,  where young players learn how to train and work hard while having fun at every practice.
See how you can use a combination of SSG's to develop creativity and decision-making in players as young as 11 years old.
Intensity and Fun
College Basket demonstrates how to build confidence in young players, exposing them to some of the most important skills from a young age.
Compete in Practice
Watch how competitive SSG's are used to develop offensive and defensive habits, setting the foundation for when players move up the program.
Get a Big Picture Look
Don’t miss this opportunity to get an all-access look at one of Europe's top youth development programs, with instant take-aways for you to use with your team.
What makes these all access practice videos different from the rest?

College Basket Borgomanero has exploded onto the scene and is regarded as one of the most innovative youth programs in Europe.

The reason for much of this success is the work done at the "foundational" levels of College. The best coaches in the club work with the youngest age groups to provide the best head start for when players move up the age groups into the rest of the club.

At the youngest ages, the main focus is designing practices which keep as many kids possible, for as long as possible. You won't find line drills and on-air training in these practices: instead see how Coach Rossi and his staff run exciting practices where every player is active, getting lots of opportunities to touch the ball and improve their offensive skills.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes at how College Basket runs a typical practice.
Who is Francesco Rossi?

Since 2007 Francesco Rossi has been the Head Coach and Youth Coordinator at College Basketball Borgomanero in Italy. During this time, Francesco has developed College into one of the top Italian youth programs with several College alumni now playing as professionals throughout Europe. College youth teams have been in five National Finals and ten Regional Championships over the last decade.

Coach Rossi has studied the Princeton Offense extensively, which has included many visits all over the world running camps and clinics. Francesco has coached at many camps in the USA and Europe, in addition to running camps further afield in countries such as the Congo and Japan.

His passion lies in using games-based coaching methods to develop players and introduce offensive concepts. He prefers these modern concepts as opposed to an over-reliance on traditional drills, 'progressions' and on-air training.

Open the doors and gain access to some of the most innovative youth practice ideas from Europe.
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U12 Practice Video #1

Coaches will watch how a College Basket practice is organised at the U12 age group. As many players as possible are kept active in the practice, with games organised to ensure time-on-task is as high as possible.

Within the practice, a number of games are used to develop player's ball control and confidence, including some creative 1-on-1 formats. Three unique "basketball multi-sport" games are shown at the end with soccer, handball and touch football demonstrated.

Learning how to change constraints in a fun way when working with young players
Seeing various techniques to increase the tempo and intensity of your practice
Watching how young players are encouraged to make better decisions
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U14 Practice Video #2

This practice builds on the fun intensity shown in video #1, this time with the College Basket U14's. In this practice, Coach Rossi focussed on passing and receiving, while being able to handle pressure.

The famous "Cambio Game" also makes an appearance, which provides players with an opportunity to either convert an advantage or create an advantage in a neutral situation.

Some of the great ideas coaches can pull from this practice:

SSG's to develop passing in all situations
Focus on protecting the ball vs pressure and passing into a post player
How to load a SSG with different task constraints
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U14 Practice Video #3

In this video, Coach Matteo Villa starts with a randomised group warm-up to develop the ability to recognise space. This leads into an extremely creative 1-on-1 with multiple players, where the offense has to read and wait for the right time to attack the basket!

Using this game as a base foundation, Coach Villa shows how constraints can be loaded into this. Rather than using several different drills, this allows for a more efficient practice to be run as players get many different skills out of the same 1-on-1 start.

This video features some excellent instruction and concepts for running a youth practice.

Some key takeaways for coaches include:

How to balance intensity with fun
Coaching with simple but creative SSG's which do not overload young player's working memory
Mixing creative scoring with feedback and positive reinforcement to keep players motivated and focused during a practice
U12 Practice Video #4

See how motor skills are developed with fun warm-up games and a number of different tag variations.

One of the main learnings continues to be how every player within a large group remains highly active during the practice. Players are continually being challenged and kept on the move!

Some key takeaways for coaches:

How to give instructions and set up SSG's as quickly as possible with younger players.

Creating a safe learning environment where players learn by doing and can make mistakes.

U12 and U14 Practice Video #5

We’re not going to say that College Basket saves the best for last because the best of Coach Rossi and Coach Villa is evident throughout the whole All-Access series! Practice 5 is the longest session of all practices videos (1.5 hours), showing the best of a U12 practice followed by the U14's. Again, all new SSG's are showed so that coaches can benefit as much as possible from this series.

Some highlights include the "Gate Game" in addition to a 4-on-4 with some unique task constraints. Some key takeaways for coaches:

When and how to load, ensuring young players spend the right amount of time on each activity
Two way teaching focussing on both offense and defense within the same SSGs
Basketball tag games to develop both ball control, passing and motor skills
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